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Working with us

workwithusThe popularity of TV shows has led to a myth that structural engineers are some sort of "emergency service", to be called upon when things go wrong! We aim to eliminate the drama, by getting involved at an early stage of the project and helping to achieve the aspirations of the design in the simplest, safest, most cost-effective way.
Friendly Expertise
By sharing our experience and knowledge with you in a straightforward, approachable manner, we can help to interpret the technical requirements of structural design into tangible features in your living and working space.
Prompt Response
We will respond to the majority of enquiries by the next working day. Please use the "contact us" page to tell us your requirements. Most projects are delivered within four weeks of acceptance of our quotation, although more complex cases may take longer.
Reliable Pricing
On receipt of architect's drawings we will prepare a proposal showing the scope of work that we offer to undertake, with an estimate of our fees. Please note that VAT is always chargeable on professional fees. For more details of our terms of business, please click here.
Sending Information
The simplest method is to send us a copy of your architectural drawings, either by post or email. We can work with AutoCAD (dwg) or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) formats. Please ensure layouts are set to plot at the correct scale. For simple projects, even a "fag packet" sketch is worth a thousand words! If this information is not available, we can visit to assess your requirements, as part of our commission.

When to Contact us

The earlier we become involved, the more effective we can be. In most cases, drawings submitted for a Planning Application will be sufficient for us to prepare a proposal and fee estimate. If you wish to discuss the feasibility of a project at the concept stage, please contact us. It is not unusual for us to be called out on the day the builders turn up on site, but please bear in mind that some delay may result if the necessary structural elements have not been considered at the design stage.
What we Provide
The information we generate is intended to be a supplement to the drawings prepared by an architect or building design technician. This will allow the those working drawings to be updated to incorporate the structural information required for Building Regulations approval.
Typically, our output will consist of the calculations and sketches that will show the arrangement and detail of the structural elements. Calculations and sketches may be manual or computer–generated depending on the requirements of the project. For more complex structures, such as piled foundations, we will provide CAD drawings for the reinforced concrete work, accompanied by reinforcement schedules. Reports will be a concise document, accompanied by sketches and/or photos. These may be sent in pdf format, if desired.
Further Assistance
We can assist with gathering the data for foundation design. By liaising with borehole drilling contractors and geo technical laboratories on your behalf. Their fees are either met directly by the client or are re-charged by us at cost.

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